Federal Relations


Merry Christmas: Homeschoolers Welcomed into JROTC
A bipartisan effort in Congress ensures that JROTC high school programs will not turn away any homeschool students.

Federal Report: Homeschooling Doubled in Last 20 Years
The NCES says more Americans are homeschooling for more reasons than ever before.

Protecting Children from Unnecessary Trauma
When Congress began addressing reforms to the child abuse legislation known as CAPTA, HSLDA immediately got involved in the discussion—to protect both children and their parents.

Push to Expand 529 Accounts Moves to Senate
Want to use more of your own money on educational expenses? The House of Representatives says “no,” but there’s still hope in the Senate for legislation that will help make this idea a reality.

Protect Children from Strip Searches, HSLDA Asks Supreme Court
We have filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case that could halt warrantless strip searches during child welfare investigations.

Labor Rule Discriminates Against Homeschool Teens
Several congressmen have joined HSLDA in our efforts to change an unwieldy DOL rule, which bans 14- and 15-year-old homeschoolers from working during public school hours.

Tax Credit for Scholarships Could Boost Homeschooling
The federal Department of Education secretary recently promoted a plan to grant tax credits to people who donate to state school choice scholarship funds.

Students, Congressmen Rally in D.C. for School Choice
At an event in the U.S. Capitol, this homeschooled student highlighted how school choice helps children learn and thrive.

Double Standard Denies Benefits to Homeschool Students
State-specific rules are cheating some homeschool students out of their Social Security benefits. HSLDA is fighting back.

Standardized Teaching = Top Test Scores?
Think again! Students from Common Core-focused school systems returned poor test results—but homeschoolers continue to shine.

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Conference Highlights Homeschooling
At the 14th annual Private School Leadership Conference, the HSLDA Online Academy took part in a panel on virtual non-public education.

Cruz Intros Education Savings Plan to Include Homeschoolers
Senator Ted Cruz has introduced another bill that would allow homeschooling families to access a tax-advantaged savings plan.

Dear Feds: Stop Discriminating Against Homeschooled Teens
Since 2010, a labor regulation has blocked 14- and 15-year-olds from taking age-appropriate jobs that fit perfectly with their homeschooling—but not with the public school’s schedule. It’s time for that to change.

Special Invitation for Homeschool Families: Don’t Miss the 2018 USA Science & Engineering Festival
The organizers of the USA Science & Engineering Festival are extending a special invitation to homeschool students to attend this year’s Science & Engineering Festival.

What the New Tax Reform Law Means for Homeschooling Families
The child tax credit doubled. And 529 savings accounts were expanded … sort of. That’s where things got complicated.

Parental Rights Amendment Re-Introduced in Both Houses of Congress—Call Congress Now!
We’re asking members and friends to take action before the holidays to keep this crucial legislative effort moving forward.

Calls Needed to Oppose Federal Data Collection Bill
Please call your U.S. Representative now and urge him or her to oppose H.R. 2434, the “College Transparency Act,” which will create a massive new federal data collection of students during and after college.

Congress to Consider Parental Rights, Asylum for Persecuted
These two major issues for homeschool freedom are about to hit your congressman’s desk. Here’s what you can do to help.

Judiciary Committee Approves Homeschool Asylum Bill
Ask your representative to support legislation that would allow homeschooling families to escape oppression by moving to America.

HSLDA to Trump: Don’t Let the Charlie Gard Tragedy Happen Here
We asked the president to protect children in the U.S. by disengaging from a dangerous UN treaty that could prevent parents from making lifesaving medical decisions for their kids.

HSLDA and DeVos Talk Homeschool Freedom
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos assured HSLDA that federal officials have no plans to interfere with homeschooling families.

Trump Reins in Federal Role in Education, Common Core
HSLDA will be helping federal officials ensure homeschool freedom as they implement the president’s directive to protect state and local control of education.

HR 610 Languishes in Committee
A bill proposing federal vouchers for homeschoolers has run into stiff resistance thanks to freedom-loving families. Now its support is quietly drying up.

Judge Gorsuch’s Take on International Law
In a recent Senate confirmation hearing, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee took a stand against using international law to interpret the U.S. Constitution.

Trump to Sign Repeal of Dangerous Education Regulations
Congress just overturned the Obama administration’s last-minute regulations dictating how colleges should train teachers.

4 Ways That HR 610 Will Threaten Your Rights
It promises money for homeschoolers. But here are four ways that it will threaten your rights—and number three is especially dangerous.

Will Trump Reject These Dangerous UN Treaties?
We need you to contact the White House and ask the president to reject several UN treaties that could harm children by undermining parental rights.

Calling All Homeschool Scientists: Special Invitation to the USA X-STEM Symposium
Homeschool teens are invited to attend the upcoming national science and engineering symposium for free.

3 Things You Should Know About Trump’s Dept. of Ed. Pick
The president-elect has tapped Betsy DeVos for secretary of education. Here’s what she says about school choice and the Common Core.

Number of Homeschooled Children Doubles in 13 Years
The latest federal summary of homeschooling data confirms that this educational option is vibrant and expanding—and that homeschooling families are concerned by bullying and other problems plaguing more institutional methods of education.

Secretary King: Homeschoolers Have Limited Options
U.S. Education Secretary John King’s comments about homeschooled students are telling.

Is Congress Pushing Kids into Unwanted Career Paths?
These two new bills say they will improve career opportunities for students. But they come with strings attached. What does all this mean for homeschoolers?

Where Do Third Parties Stand on Home Education?
A survey of third-party platforms shows that homeschool freedom is now a popular theme.

Federal Camel Kicked Out of Tent
Your efforts helped stop a plan to make migratory homeschool students report to the federal government.

Wikileaks: Common Core a “Third Rail” for DNC
Leaked emails reveal that Democrats are afraid to talk about the deeply unpopular Common Core.

Take Action to Prevent Fed Ed Regulations from Promoting Common Core!
The U.S. Department of Education is once again trying to bypass Congress to continue meddling in local education.

RNC Platform Backs Home Ed: Will DNC Follow Suit?
The GOP 2016 platform includes five wins for homeschooling. Read what they are.

Heard about Brexit? Is it time to Talk Amexit?
Five members of Congress have introduced a bill calling for the United States to exit the United Nations—a move that would protect U.S. homeschool freedom from the overreach of international law.

Congress Debates Expanding Selective Service to Include Women
Congress is debating whether to require women to register for Selective Service and the military draft.

Homeschooling Congressman Levels Path to Federal Jobs
Rep. Mark Meadows worked with HSLDA to wipe out discriminatory requirements for homeschool grads seeking federal jobs.

What Do HSLDA, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham Have in Common?
We’re working together to solve a serious problem that affects all American parents.

How Today’s Homeschoolers are Doing on the SAT
The results are in—and should be encouraging to homeschooling parents!

Federal Government Backs off “Equality with Parents” Claim
Two federal departments seem to have gotten the message: Parents are not “equal” with the government in the education and upbringing of their children—they are the primary decision-makers.

Say “No” to More Government Data Tracking
Parents who don’t want the government collecting detailed information on their students have until May 4 to comment on Common Core-related database guidelines.

New RV Rule Prompts Concerns from Owners
The federal government is proposing a rule change that could boot families from their RVs.

Shear Discrimination: Why Trade Schools Brush off Homeschool Graduates
Homeschool diplomas are good enough for Harvard, but technical institutes can’t seem to get the message. So when beauty schools get snippy, HSLDA won’t curl up and dye.

John King Squeaks Through On Tepid 49–40 Confirmation Vote
In the face of widespread opposition—including from King’s own Democratic senator—President Obama’s controversial nominee was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts—background
Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Coverdell ESAs.

Federal Government Tells Parents: “We Are Your Equals”
Washington policymakers think they are “equal partners” with parents. They’re wrong.

Six Anti-Discrimination Victories Ring in the New Year
HSLDA helped families navigate the bureaucracy of the Social Security administration when their benefits were wrongfully denied.

Common Core Textbook Seller Makes Shocking Admission
A new undercover video shows a textbook company executive revealing the true motive for promoting a national standardized curriculum.

Victory! IRS Withdraws Troubling Proposed Donor Regulation
In a powerful reminder that citizen action does make a difference, on January 7, 2016, the IRS quietly withdrew a proposed regulation regarding donations to the most common category of tax-exempt charities.

Coverdell ESA Fix Will Treat Homeschoolers Fairly
A bill now in the U.S. Senate will let homeschoolers have the same tax-free savings for qualified expenses as everyone else—through Coverdell accounts.

H.R. 5: What Parents Need to Know about the Student Success Act of 2015
Because H.R. 5 contains provisions that both protect that freedom of homeschoolers and reduce federal overreach into public education, HSLDA is neutral on this legislation as a whole.

Calling Homeschool Scientists: Special Invitation to USA X-STEM Symposium
Homeschoolers are invited to attend for free the 4th annual science and technology symposium to be held April in Washington, D.C.

The Common Core and Virtual Public Education
In the backlash against the Common Core, some parents may not be aware of one area affected by these nationalized standards—online public education. This includes virtual charter schools and any other online programs offered through the local public schools.

Will You Stand for Homeschool Freedom against the United Nations?
When Congress returns from recess next week, we will need your help to defeat once and for all the dangerous UN disabilities treaty.

Victory against IRS Proposed Regulations on 501(c)(4) Organizations—For Now
In a major victory for free speech, the IRS scrapped proposed restrictions on how organizations such as HSLDA could talk about politics.

Call U.S. Senate to Stop Federal Pre-K, Home Visitation
A bill that would expand federal involvement and increase spending for preschool is being considered in the U.S. Senate. Please act now to oppose this encroachment on parental rights.

Armed Forces Finally Accept Homeschool Enlistees on Equal Terms
The Pentagon has finalized a new policy that treats homeschool graduates on equal terms with other military enlistees. This welcome news comes at the end of a long struggle by HSLDA to achieve equality for homeschoolers.

Common Core: An International Failure
New studies reveal that despite proponents’ claims, the Common Core standards do not emulate the successful education practices of other countries.

The Dawning Database: Does the Common Core Lead to National Data Collection?
Over the past decade, federal incentives and federally funded data models have spurred states to monitor students from their preschool to college right through their assimilation into the workforce. We believe this expansion of state databases is laying the foundation for a national database filled with personal student data, and the Common Core State Standards Initiative is transforming this concern into reality.

U.S. Department of Education: Homeschooling Continues to Grow!
The first national federal government survey on homeschooling since 2007 shows the education option continues to draw more students. The primary reason for homeschooling appears to have shifted, as well.

New Changes to Military Enlistment for Homeschool Graduates
An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is producing good policies for homeschoolers looking to enlist in the military. Here are some things homeschoolers should know.

National Databases: Collecting Student-Specific Data is Unnecessary and Orwellian
Recent efforts to make states share their student information with the federal government could have dire consequences for individual privacy. HSLDA has learned that at least one state’s database includes information on homeschoolers.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health—Have You been Contacted?
Some HSLDA members have expressed concern about a government health survey. Rest assured that the survey is not mandatory and that the information it obtains must be kept confidential.

Common Core State Standards Initiative: Too Close to a National Curriculum
HSLDA is growing more concerned that “voluntary” state academic guidelines could turn into national standards that even homeschoolers will be forced to teach.

UN Treaty Update: Visit Senators at Home to Ensure Victory!
Thanks to your efforts a Senate vote on a dangerous UN treaty has been delayed. We urge you to contact your senators in their home offices to ensure victory for parental rights.

UN Treaty Moves to Senate Floor—Keep Calling!
If this convention passes, the White House could begin pushing through an entire package of UN treaties that erode parental rights and undermine U.S. sovereignty.

Does My High School Grad Need a GED for Federal Student Aid?
Don’t believe the misinformation out there. Homeschool graduates are still fully eligible for federal student aid to college.

Chance to Compete in Science & Engineering Festival
Homeschoolers are encouraged to participate in the USA Science & Engineering Festival.

CEDAW and the International Threat to Homeschool Freedom
Supporters of the UN CEDAW treaty intend to use international law to coerce the restructuring of the family and the role of every man and every woman on the planet.

Colleges Now Required to Determine “Validity” of High School Diplomas
New federal student aid regulations aimed at determining the validity of high school diplomas will not affect homeschoolers as long as they identify themselves as being home—educated.

Department of Education Seeks to Regulate Higher Education
A recently proposed regulation would give the federal Department of Education unprecedented authority over all colleges and universities—even private ones.

Update: Over 30 States Adopt National Education Standards
Over the past several months, states have been steadily adopting the national education standards that the National Governor’s Association released, making them eligible for additional federal funds. HSLDA views this as an alarming trend.

Elena Kagan Confirms Her Support for International Law
HSLDA urges our members and homeschoolers nationwide to call their two U.S. senators and express their opinions on the nomination of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court.

Homeschools and Education Savings Accounts
Homeschoolers are still being discriminated against by rules governing Education Saving Accounts, despite efforts by HSLDA to have these federal laws changed.

Enlisting Help
If you want to enlist in the U.S. military as a homeschool high school graduate, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Why Government Should Stay out of Early Education
As government increasingly seeks to supplant the private and family spheres, there is yet another form of federal intrusion on the rise: institutionalized early education.

CEDAW and Homeschooling Families
There is another UN convention that may be sent to the U.S. Senate for ratification, and would also threaten home educating families: the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women.

UN Treaty Jeopardizes Homeschool Freedom in Britain
Sadly, HSLDA’s warnings concerning the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child have proven correct in England, where a new report urges restricting homeschooling on the basis of these “rights.”

Army National Guard Opens Doors to Homeschoolers
HSLDA has worked closely with top Army National Guard recruitment officers to ensure homeschool graduates receive equal consideration and have access to a full range of benefits when they enlist.

Why Government Should Stay out of Pre—K
As big government increasingly seeks to supplant the private and family spheres, there is yet another form of federal intrusion on the rise: institutionalized early education.