Federal Relations

April 11, 2017

HR 610 Languishes in Committee

William A. Estrada, Esq.
Director of Federal Relations


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William Estrada, Esq. WILLIAM ESTRADA

Last month, we warned you about H.R. 610, a federal bill which would provide federal money in the forms of vouchers to homeschooling families. While well-intentioned, this bill would ultimately endanger the future of homeschool freedom.

Thanks to the overwhelming calls and emails from homeschooling families across the nation in opposition to this bill, we believe that H.R. 610 is dead for all practical purposes.

Although the bill is currently assigned to the Education and Workforce Committee, we believe it is unlikely to receive consideration there.

The high level of attention this bill received from homeschoolers across the country proved how strong opposition to federal money is in the homeschooling community. This has served as a “shot across the bow” of our friends (and opponents) in Washington, D.C., reminding them that homeschoolers do not want education vouchers from the federal government.

HSLDA continues to closely monitor H.R. 610. In the unlikely event that it returns, zombie-like,  to life, we will alert our members and friends of the immediate need for phone calls and emails.

If you have the chance to meet with your federal representatives, we ask that you share with them your opposition to federal vouchers for homeschoolers, and instead ask that Congress continue to leave us alone. That is the safest way to ensure we will continue to have the freedom to educate our children at home.