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 107th Congressional Legislation

   107th Congress 
Federal Alert Update—Committee Considers Step Toward National Test
HSLDA has been battling the expansion of the National Assessment Education Progress (NAEP) for five years out of concern that it would eventually become America's national testing standard. Now our concern is threatening to become a reality.

UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) — A United Nations Treaty

H.R. 1—No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

H.R. 6—Marriage Penalty and Family Tax Relief Act of 2001

H.R. 257—Education Empowerment Tax Credit Act

H.R. 316—Children's Education Tax Credit Act

H.R. 368—Family Education Freedom Act of 2001

H.R. 830—Military Home School Children Equal Access Act of 2001

H.R. 1018—Economic Recovery and Growth Act of 2001

H.R. 1163—Accountability in Testing Act of 2001

H.R. 1224—Teacher Tax Relief Act of 2001

H.R. 1308—Education Savings and School Excellence Act of 2001

H.R. 2356—Campaign Finance Reform Bill

H.R. 2410—Hope Plus Scholarship Act of 2001

H.R. 3685—Education, Achievement, and Opportunity Act

H.R. 3833—Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002

H.R. 3839—Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

H.R. 3912—Universal Pre—Kindergarten Act

H.R. 4019—Making Marriage Penalty Tax Relief Permanent

H.R. 4626—Encouraging Work and Supporting Marriage Act of 2002

H.R. 4633—Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002

H.R. 4737—Personal Responsibility, Work, and Family Promotion Act of 2002

H.R. 4866—Fed Up Higher Education Technical Amendments of 2002

H.R. 4884—Educator Appreciation and Classroom Help Act

H.R. 5192—Education Freedom Act

H.R. 5193—Back to School Education Tax Relief Act

H.R. 5203—Education Savings and School Excellence Permanence Act of 2002

H.R. 5331—[No official title] To Fix the Family Educational Records Act (FERPA)

H.R. 5601—Keeping Children and Families Safety Act of 2002

H.C.R. 386—National Charter Schools Week

H.C.R. 392—To protect private decisions about marriage.

S. 1—Better Education for Students and Teachers Act

S. 1662—Allowance of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts for Home Schooling Expenses

S. 2998—Keeping Children and Families Safety Act of 2002

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