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The Constitution does not permit the federal government to regulate or control private or public education. The 10th Amendment provides that education, where it is an issue of government concern, is left to the states. However, the unfortunate reality is that the federal government does not presently consider itself restrained in matters of public education. Accordingly, HSLDA actively monitors the federal government for policies or legislation that would infringe on the freedom of parents to educate their children at home, and works hard to defeat or modify those that are threatening. HSLDA also works to ensure that the federal government does not unduly discriminate against homeschoolers and will advocate to remedy discrimination in ways that will not affect homeschool freedom.

HSLDA pays close attention to the language used in any federal legislation. If a bill is worded poorly, it may inadvertently lead to unnecessary restrictions on the freedoms of home educating families. HSLDA works with Congress to ensure that final language will not pose a significant risk to those freedoms. While HSLDA supports many bills in concept, we are sometimes forced to withdraw that support (or oppose legislation) if the language chosen seems dangerous as the bill moves through its various stages.

 Federal Legislation

   114th Congress 
S. 182—“Learning Opportunities Created at Local Level Act”

S. 73—“Local Control of Education Act”

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HSLDA Supported
S. 182—“Learning Opportunities Created at Local Level Act”
HSLDA Supported
S. 73—“Local Control of Education Act”

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