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Bright Spots in Home Schooling

November 12, 2003  

Captain Maximilian Bremer, US Air Force

Captain Maximilian Bremer, US Air Force

As a homeschool graduate in 1993, Max applied to the US Air Force Academy and was accepted; but like many homeschool graduates of the 90s, Max had to battle some misconceptions the military possessed about homeschoolers.

“When I applied to the Air Force Academy, a homeschooler had never made it through, though a few had applied and dropped out.” Max told HSLDA. “My admission counselor told me that ‘the Academy is only for serious students,’ implying that I was homeschooling out of laziness.” This attitude would change over time thanks to the hard work of homeschool graduates and legislators like the late Senator Paul Coverdell who introduced language to change the homeschool admission policy for all branches of the military.

Max developed an interest in the Air Force while growing up near the Academy, but even though his family spent a great deal of time with Air Force cadets, Max wasn't too thrilled with flying. One of his first flights, aboard a Cessna 172, ended in a crash that should have claimed his life; then four years later he was involved in a helicopter crash. It wasn't until his time in the Academy that Max developed a love for flying.

In 1997 Max graduated with honors and completed his education by receiving his Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University in 1999. After more training in flying he was sent overseas in 2001 to help with the Air Force's Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan; then to Iraq in 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Max has completed 66 combat sorties and has received 5 air medals and an aerial achievement medal.

“I credit my success first to the Lord, and then to my parents who homeschooled me,” said Max, who currently works in the Pentagon. “Homeschooling taught me to teach myself, so that no matter how good or bad a teacher was at teaching, I could learn in that class…it taught me self-discipline…[and] because of the freedom to study and pursue many different subjects, I also developed a love of learning. This helped in college and graduate school because when you enjoy something, you'll be better at it and more engaged. Finally, homeschooling allowed us to explore and learn in many different venues.” Max and his wife have a 10-month old son, who they plan to homeschool.

Max has two brothers who after graduating from their homeschool joined the Air Force. One is in the elite athlete program and is training for the Olympics and the other is attending medical school.

For more information about homeschool enlistment into the military please visit our online issue library at: http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/Issues/U/USMilitary.asp.
Click here for information about joining the US Air Force.

* Hundreds of homeschool graduates have served or are still serving in Iraq. A partial listing of over 150 graduates can be found at (http://www.hslda.org/hsiraq.asp). The country owes a huge debt of gratitude to these men and women.

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