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January 8, 2002

S. 1—Better Education for Students and Teachers Act

Action: None. Bill has been signed by the President.

The purpose of S.1 is to extend programs and activities under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

Introduced March 28, 2001 by Senator James Jeffords
Cosponsors: NONE.

4/30/2001: Motion to proceed to measure considered in Senate by Unanimous Consent.
5/1/2001: Cloture on the motion to proceed invoked in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote: 96-3.
5/2/2001: Motion to proceed to measure considered in Senate.
5/2/2001: Measure laid before Senate by motion.
5/3/2001: Considered by Senate.
5/17/2001: Considered by Senate.
6/7/2001: Considered by Senate.
6/14/2001: Senate passed companion measure H.R. 1 Vote. 91--8.
6/14/2001: See also H.R. 1.
Bill Summary and Status

HSLDA's Position
While it is the position of HSLDA that the federal government has exceeded its constitutional limits in education policy, we believe that due diligence remains necessary to keep an ever-expanding federal government away from home education. To that end, HSLDA was satisfied with certain aspects of the final bill. One such aspect in the final language is the statement that none of the provisions contained therein should be interpreted as applying to home schooling. It also includes some positive policy steps including prohibitions on the development of a national test, restrictions on use of federal funds to develop any national curriculum, restrictions on federal teacher certification, the repeal of the Goals 2000 program, and prohibitions on a national data base.

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